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Waterline's Who's That Chick "Tilda"

Tilda at 8 weeks.

(Waterline's Luxor - Mallorn's Linda Evangelista)
Date of birth 17.5.2019

B/B, 0/0
prcd-PRA clear by pedigree
EIC clear by parentage
HNPK clear by pedigree

JUN-Excellent, JUNC4, 20.9.2020 Hyvinkää, judge Eeva Rautala.   

"A well developed bitch of good type. Pleasant head, dark eyes. Good neck. Excellent chest and forechest. Good bone and angulations. Hair ok. Slightly thin tail. Moves normally. Good temperament."


Qualified in the field, 8.8.2020 Hämeenkoski, judge Katja Villikka.
"A young dog who performs all tasks assigned to her, in a steady and confident way. The dog shows very good breed-like tendencies".


Yaborina Bella Donna "Bella"

Bella at 3 years.

Bella at 1 year.

(Waterline's House Blend - Bowmore's Penelope)

Date of birth 9.4.2016
C/B, 0/0, ECVO ok 
prcd-PRA clear by parentage
HNPK clear by parentage

WRK-Excellent CQ, BOB CC and BIG-3, 3.8.2019 Porvoo, Igorts Zizevzkis, Lithuania.
"Good type, size and proportions. Typical head. Strong neck and topline. Volume in chest. Correct set limbs. Moves well."

Qualified in the field, 21.5.2017 Raasepori, judge Kari Silvennoinen


In memoriam:

Bowmore's Penelope "Minni"

Minni at 2 years.

Minni at 5 years.

(Bowmore's Granville - Bowmore's Just Do It)

3.2.2012 - 3.7.2020
A/A, 0/0, ECVO ok 
prcd-PRA clear by parentage
EIC carrier
HNPK clear

WRK-Very good WRKC2, Helsinki, judge Marja Kosonen
Qualified in the field 24.5.2015 Salo, judge Risto Aaltonen
Water rescue OPEN1 28.5.2015 Kirkkonummi, judge Pasi Dunderfelt


Bear's Yacci "Yacci"

Yacci at 11 years.

Yacci 6 months.

(Bear's Oscar - Rosanan Emerald Rose)

15.2.2006 - 19.12.2019
A/A, 0/0
prcd-PRA clear